1-50 / um cinquenta

1-50: Mapping the Way to Your Success

As you embark on your journey toward success, it's crucial to have a reliable guide by your side. This is where 1-50 comes in. Their top-notch services in topographical surveys, stakeout, calculations, financial consulting, insurance brokerage, and real estate provide the foundation for your future endeavors.

At 1-50, they understand the importance of versatility in the ever-changing business landscape. They needed a visual identity to convey this message to their clients. The solution was to use elements related to topography across all brand communication, creating a cohesive language that represented their expertise.

The brand applications and responsive website were designed with the same language, ensuring a seamless experience for their clients. Customized images and icons represent each service provided by 1-50, making navigating through the different offerings easy.

Client: 1-50
Agency: Creative Lemons
Design: Ivo Amadeus Reis
Web Design: Hugo Frade