Hello, my name is Ivo Amadeu Reis.
I’m a 10-year experienced Designer & Art Director based in Porto, Portugal.

I've worked at companies like McCann Lisbon, Creative Lemons, and Ndrive Software, where I've done visual identities, editorial design, illustration, and motion graphics. These experiences have allowed me to develop my skills and gain a wealth of knowledge in the field.

Today, I work at Darwin Interactive, a mobile entertainment company where I create illustrations and motion graphics for mobile games. It's a challenging and rewarding position that allows me to put my creativity and skills to the test.

In addition to my full-time job, I also work on a freelance basis with clients in the cultural and commercial fields. This has allowed me to collaborate with a diverse group of people and work on a range of exciting projects.

Get in touch. Don’t be afraid.

Areas of Activity

Art Direction
Communication Consultancy
Editorial Design (Print & Digital)
Visual Identity

Space Planning
Motion Graphics
Talks & Workshops


Vira Pop Festival
Encontros da Imagem
Rodellus Festival
Circus Network
Caixa Geral de Depósitos
Licor Beirão
Magic Team
TEDx Penafiel

+351 914 608 948
Porto, Portugal