Soccer for Culture

Soccer for Culture is a remarkable initiative combining two seemingly disparate worlds - culture and sports - and combining them refreshingly and innovatively. By combining the universes that typically exist in isolation, Soccer for Culture showcases how differences can be harnessed to bring us closer together.

At the heart of this movement is the belief that soccer can break down barriers and create a platform for people of diverse backgrounds to unite and celebrate their differences. The three bars in the Soccer for Culture logo represent the obstacles that can be overcome through the power of sport. The colors reflect the diversity and inclusivity that the initiative stands for.

Through this partnership with Cosmic Burger, Soccer for Culture has created a unique identity that encapsulates the spirit of the movement. This identity symbolizes unity and hope and serves as a beacon for those who believe that sports can be a force for good in the world.

So come, join the game!

Client: Cosmic Burger
Creative Direction: Mister Unknown
Design: Ivo Amadeus Reis & Rita Rodrigues

Video: Ivo Amadeu Reis