Upgradar brand

Upgradar is a brand focused on modern living, celebrating the combination of form, function, style, and substance. This philosophy is embodied in the brand's way of being and living, where design and quality are at the forefront of everything it does.

The design team behind Upgradar's brand has intensely focused on creating a brand that captures the spirit of modern living. The typography is designed to be a perfect fit for the digital age, with clean lines and bold shapes that make it easily readable on any device.

The logo design features an arrow representing Upgradar and circles representing the various products Upgradar offers. This simple yet powerful symbol is the essence of the brand. The dark and technological tone with blue accents brings the brand to life and makes it stand out. 3D elements and animation create a dynamic and engaging experience for customers interacting with the brand.

Overall, Upgradar represents a revolution in modern living, where design and quality are essential.

Client: Upgradar
Creative Direction: Ivo Amadeu Reis
Design: Ivo Amadeu Reis
Motion Graphics: Ivo Amadeu Reis