Rodellus 2021

After five years of the festival came the pandemic and the first year without Rodellus. However, in 2021, Rodellus returned triumphantly, unveiling a new concept and vision for the festival. The festival's iconic symbol transformed dramatically, moving away from stark black lines to more dynamic, organic shapes in a riot of bold and vibrant colors.

This new edition of the festival was a celebration of resilience and the human spirit's triumph over adversity. It also responded to a changing world, where digital communication has become more critical than ever. The festival adapted to this new context by combining physical and virtual experiences.

Despite the changes, the core values of Rodellus remained unchanged. The festival continued bringing people together to celebrate their passion for music and art, connect, and build a sense of community. The experience was truly magical and left an impression on everyone who attended.

Client: Rodellus
Creative Direction: Ivo Amadeu Reis
Design: Ivo Amadeu Reis & Rita Rodrigues

Motion Graphics: Ivo Amadeu Reis
Photography: Shootsounds