Vira pop 2022

As the sun sets on the rolling hills of Portugal's Minho region, the air is filled with the sounds of emerging musical talent from across the country. Vira Pop, the summer music festival that has become a highlight of the season, is in full swing.

The goal for the festival's organizers was clear: to create a flexible and elegant system that would showcase the best of what the Portuguese music industry offers. And with a carefully curated lineup of up-and-coming bands, we have done just that.

The festival's visual identity was designed to be eye-catching and memorable, with the stickers serving as a base for the design. Incorporating traditional Minho folklore added a sense of cultural richness and depth to the festival's branding. We designed posters, flyers, and social media graphics as part of our work on the festival's communication materials. The messaging was clear and concise, while the design was visually striking and effective.

In addition to the graphic design work, we created motion graphics that brought the festival to life. The animation and dynamic visuals added an extra layer of excitement and energy to the festival's promotional materials.

Client: Vira pop
Creative Direction: Mister Unknown
Design: Ivo Amadeu Reis
Motion Graphics: Ivo Amadeu Reis
Photography: Neva films